Trashed out ..

April 7, 2010

Wow! What do you think is the average salary of a Seattle trash collector? You will be surprised: Read

I can understand that their job profile is not one of the most coveted but looking at their compensation I am pretty darn sure that most people would be tempted.

India history book

April 6, 2010

Recently I started reading this book: India after Gandhi. Almost all of the history books that currently exist conclude at the time when India gained its independence. The evolution of current India after that period is hardly recounted anywhere. The author of this book set out to fill this void and does an awesome job at it. For history buffs like me, this is a great read. Highly recommended.

I have gifted this book to two of my friends and they have both been delighted at reading it.

Its voluminous (but in no ways less exciting) to carry around and I wish that the publishers would release a Kindle version of it soon.

Till then, happy reading.

KUOW spring pledge drive …

April 5, 2010

Help kickstart their spring plegde drive and show your support for NPR-KUOW programming. Pledge now.

I just pledged mine 🙂

Changing times …

April 5, 2010

If you have never failed, you have never lived” 
Here is a nice video about it.

And oh, I just re-discovered this: My first attempt at blogging 5 years ago: Get Skewed Blog 😛

It been a long long time and I need to snap out of my current state. Somewhere back in there I lost myself. Its time to get up, pick the pieces, rise and shine.

Brilliant!!! Let’s do this and have fun while we are at it 🙂